Civic Forum for Council call

Harte calls for Council Civic Forum

Harte calls for Council Civic Forum

Workers Party representative in Upper Bann, Damien Harte, has called for the introduction of a Civic Forum to compliment the incoming Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council.

‘Northern Ireland’s new councils begin work in a matter of weeks. This is an ideal opportunity for them to acknowledge the benefits of involving the wider community in discussions and decision making’, Damien said.

 Civic Society

‘The contribution that civic society has made to life in Northern Ireland over the years has been immense. It continues to be so’, added Damien. ‘We have seen the Assembly call on civic society when faced with immediate pressures and problems but it seems the views of wider society are not to be trusted on other issues like economic recovery, training and employment, social development, the environment and planning’ he said.


‘The new Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon Council has a real opportunity to engage local citizens and wider civic society and seek their involvement in all these areas. ‘There is a depth of local experience, talent and civic responsibility which is being overlooked and underused, Damien added. ‘The introduction of a Civic Forum at a local level can harness and focus that capability and commitment to the benefit of all’, concluded Damien


Translink price-hikes a cause for concern

Above inflation fare increases

Above inflation fare increases

Translink price-hikes a cause for concern

Workers Party representative in North Belfast, Gemma Weir, has expressed concern over Translink fare increases, the scrapping of the Ulsterbus town service in Newtownabbey and severely reduced services on the  Antrim Road Metro corridor .


See full statement: Translink price hikes cause for concern

Party condemns office attack

'Thuggish and futile'

‘Thuggish and futile’

‘The weekend attack on the Antrim Road offices of the SDLP was disgraceful and cowardly and was designed to intimidate all those engaged in democratic politics’, Party representatives Gemma Weir has said

‘It is important that it is condemned in the strongest possible terms and that the entire north Belfast community rejects its bullying and threatening intent’, she said.

On behalf of the Workers Party in North Belfast I offer our unequivocal support to Alban Magenniss and his colleagues at this time and re-affirm our commitment to stand firm against this type of thuggish and ultimately futile behaviour’, concluded Gemma.

Abandon gay men blood challenge


Lift the ban

Health Minister, Jim Wells, has been urged to abandon the costly and futile court proceedings involving the giving of blood by gay men. The call comes from Workers Party representative Gemma Weir who said,

‘It is now clear that there are no medical or safety grounds on which to base the biased decision made by the former Minister. Jim Wells should now not only halt the court action be immediately lift the ban’.

‘Wasting public money to pursue individual religious beliefs should be condemned by the Executive and the Assembly. Those calling for prescription charges to be reintroduced to fund cancer drugs should instead query the money spent on this and similarly biased court actions involving the Department of Health,’ concluded Gemma


North Belfast does not need tribal chiefs

Investment, development and jobs – not tribal chiefs.

Workers Party representative in North Belfast Gemma Weir has condemned the blatantly sectarian tone of early electioneering in the constituency and has called for people to focus on real issues not on tribal abuse.

See full statement: North Belfast does not need tribal chiefs







Party submission to Abortion Consultation

Party makes submission on the Criminal Law on Abortion

Party makes submission on the Criminal Law on Abortion

The Workers Party has  made a submission to the public consultation organised by the Department of Justice on proposed changes to the criminal law on abortion.

While welcoming the opportunity to address an area of the law in which women are denied the fundamental right to choose how they control their own bodies, the Party also expressed its disappointed that the consultation process continued to ignore that right through its repetitive and restrictive focus on two aspects of the criminal law.

Read the Party’s submission to the Department of Justice in full:

Response to DoJ consultation on the Criminal Law on Abortion 170115



United response to hate crime needed

An assault on the whole community

An assault on the whole community

Condemning weekend attacks on the home and the car of two north Belfast families, Workers Party representative Gemma Weir has said that the community must and can do more to challenge those responsible.

Read Gemma’s statement in full:

Weir condemns weekend attacks


Minister challenged over health service crisis


Crisis caused by savage funding cuts

Workers Party representative in North Belfast Gemma Weir, has challenged Health Minister Jim Wells to take immediate action on the daily drama that is being played out in local health and social care services.

See statement in full:

Minister challenged to act on health service crisis


We all have the right work free from the threat of terrorist attack by the enemies of peace, freedom and social progress

We all have the right work free from the threat of terrorist attack by the enemies of peace, freedom and social progress

Party condemns ‘criminal terrorist actions’

The Workers Party has condemned today’s brutal and murderous attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which has produced understandable anger and indignation throughout France, Europe and the world.

The Party has expressed its sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims and has re-affirmed its firm support for the right of workers to carry out their work free from the threat of terrorist attack by the enemies of peace, freedom and social progress who have nothing to offer humanity other than misery, obscurantism and reaction.

These criminal terrorist actions will serve only to increase the clamour for further repressive state measures and add fuel to the racists who will use this attack as cover for their vile, virulent toxic beliefs.

The Workers Party expresses its solidarity with the journalists and staff of Charlie Hebdo and the French people and its support for freedom and social progress against racism and reaction.

Party President’s New Year Statement

Michael Donnelly: We must tackle sectarianism

Michael Donnelly: We must tackle sectarianism

In his New Year statement, Party President Michael Donnelly has highlighted the challenges of sectarianism in  Northern Ireland and  confirmed the Party’s determination to confront it.

The Workers Party must always seek out opportunities both to challenge sectarianism in all its manifestations as well as to offer a real socialist alternative to the political primitives that deliberately instil fear and suspicion among people to simultaneously feed off it for personal and party political advantage.

We have a proud, unchallenged record in that regard and we must continue it for as long as it takes. Sectarianism never rests; neither should we!

Read the full statement:


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