Weir tells Wilson – ‘Withdraw your remarks and apologise’

breastfeeding_Workers Party representative Gemma Weir has told East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson to withdraw his remarks about breastfeeding being ‘voyeuristic and exhibitionist’ and to publicly apologise for his comments.

‘Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby and nothing to be ashamed of. With breastfeeding rates in the UK among the lowest in the world  Mr Wilson’s comments are offensive, and ill-informed and  do nothing to promote and highlight the benefits for both mum and baby,’ Gemma said’

‘Sammy Wilson and others who hold similar views can be dismissed as outdated and prudish, but their underlying agenda is one which seeks to tell women what they can do, how they can do it and of course where they can do it’, Gemma added.

‘The choice of how to feed your baby is for each mother to decide but if that choice is to breastfed their baby then they should be supported and encouraged as all the research shows’, she said.

‘Sammy Wilson must withdraw his remarks, publicly apologise and understand the effect these kinds of remarks have on breastfeeding mums and mums to be’, Gemma concluded.

The UK has some of the lowest rates of breastfeeding:

Rates of breastfeeding in the UK are amongst the lowest in the world

More information on the benefits of breastfeeding from NHS Choices:

NHS Choices_Benefits of breastfeeding


Show your faces and explain yourselves – says Bailie

Chris Bailie

‘Identify yourselves and justify your actions’ Bailie

Local Workers Party representative Chris Bailie has condemned the threats made against Housing Executive contractors in the New Lodge area and has challenged those responsible to say who they are, explain exactly what they are threatening and what they think it will achieve.

“Despite ceasefires,  The Good Friday and other agreements and an unambiguous rejection of violence by an overwhelming majority of people here, there are still  some people who lurk in the shadows, threaten violence, disrupt the community and attempt to terrorise working people.
I am calling on them  to publicly identify themselves and justify their actions. The reality is that they won’t because there is no justification for what they do. Neither is there any support. As with other forms of violent actions and threats  a united community response which rejects these people once and for all is the best and only lasting response”, Chris said

A woman’s right to choose

Rally for Choice.jpg

Party members take part in the ‘Rally for Choice’

‘Rally for Choice’

Northern Ireland is still dominated by socially conservative voices and  they are having an adverse and traumatising effect on local women. That was the clear message  as thousands of people marched though Belfast yesterday demanding legislation which would secure a woman’s right to have choices and control of her own fertility.

The Workers Party recognises that women have the right to control their own bodies, including their fertility, and to pursue all reproductive choices. We highlighted the introduction of a ‘Woman’s Right to Choose’ legislation as one of the ten priorities the new Assembly should address in it’s first 100 days.
The Party also supports a full programme of secular sex education for schools, free access to contraception, proper health and social care for pregnant women, including specialist care for those women who chose to carry to  term pregnancies where fatal foetal abnormalities are present, the provision of appropriate free and quality child care facilities and adequate support for single and low income parents. 

Ordinary people refused to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed’ – Pilger

John Pilger

John Pilger

The media reaction and analysis of the successful leave vote in the EU referendum has been interesting. Apparently to whole point of having a referendum is to have another one if you don’t like the result.

Leave voters have been accused of being responsibility for an increase in racist attacks, for being small minded and of being anti European.

Local political reaction has been similarly alarming. Both the SDLP and Sinn Fein  have blamed ‘English nationalists’ for the Leave result. Seems that nationalism is OK as long as it’s Irish.

There is of course another and more grounded reason why the leave vote won: millions of ordinary people simply rejected the political and economic direction of the European Union.

The European Union serves the interests of big business, multinational corporations and the financial institutions. Its policies have made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Journalist John Pilger’s article sheds some light on the real issues and the real reasons why the majority of people voted leave.

The majority vote by Britons to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy

Working people reject the EU project


A rejection of the political and economic direction of the EU

The Workers Party has welcomed the outcome of the EU Referendum and has said that it is a clear demonstration that working people have rejected the political and economic direction of the European Union despite attempts to deliberately confuse and sidetrack the debate.

“The European Union serves the interests of big business, multinational corporations and the financial institutions.

Its policies have made the rich richer and the poor poorer,” Party President Michael Donnelly said. .

” The vote to Leave represents a rejection of that philosophy. We are still very much a part of Europe and will continue to have close relationships at all levels but we can now do so free of the  anti- worker strictures of the EU institutions,” Micheal concluded

Class is at the centre of the EU debate

MD pic

The EU serves the interests of big business, multi national corporations and the financial institutions

In an eve of poll statement Workers Party President Michael Donnelly has said that the major issue in the referendum campaign is the class character of the European Union and its institutions.

“The European Union serves the interests of big business, multinational corporations and the financial institutions. its policies have made the rich richer and the poor poorer.”, Mr Donnelly said

“For 40 years the EU has embarked on a coordinated programme of denationalising industries, privatising the public sector, deregulating markets, dismantling collective bargaining and eroding labour and fundamental rights”, he said

“It represents an ever-deepening corporate project of austerity, privatisation, ‘competitiveness’ and ‘flexibility’ which results in mass unemployment and under-employment, growing poverty, increasing inequality and the destruction of public healthcare and social services”, said Mr Donnelly.

“The European Union has also become increasingly militarised”, said Mr Donnelly. “The ‘Common Security and Defence Policy’ is a device for increasing armament production and a mechanism for political and military intervention in and beyond the EU.   It has taken part in imperialist wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya together with the US and NATO and has been deeply involved in creating the crisis in Ukraine”.

“The Workers Party urges workers to vote Leave in the interests of their class and their future. For a principled, socialist Lexit – Vote Leave on 23 June”, Mr Donnelly concluded.

Read Micheal Donnelly’s statement here:Workers Party EU eve of poll statement

Tragic and untimely death


Jo Cox

Workers Party President, Michael Donnelly has written to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to express the Party’s condolences on the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

“The Workers Party extends its deepest sympathy to Jo Cox’s family and friends and to all members of the Labour Party on her the tragic and untimely death.” Mr Donnelly said.

“We are acutely aware, particularly in Northern Ireland, of the consequences of violent attacks on the democratic process and on democratically elected representatives”, he said.

” It is very important that the entire community unites in the face of this barbarous attack and reaffirms its opposition to individual and collective acts of terror”, Mr Donnelly concluded.

Public Inquiry call over Woodburn drilling

Woodburn Fracking

Many questions remain unanswered: Weir

Workers Party representative Gemma Weir has called  for a public inquiry into the granting of an exploratory drilling licence just metres away from a water reservoir at Woodburn Forest in Carickfergus.

Questions                       ‘The drilling company this week announced that no oil deposits had been found but questions about how the licence was granted and the role of NI Water in leasing the land remain unanswered’, Gemma said.

‘There is also the extremely serious matter of the lack of an environmental impact assessment, how that was circumvented and the role it will play in future exploratory drilling.”

‘I congratulate all those involved in protesting against this drilling operation and also the local companies which supported the protest by refusing to provides services.

I will now be requesting a meeting Chris Hazard  the new Minister for the Department of Infrastructure to raise these and other questions and  to seek assurances that his department will not be issuing licenses for similar operations or for  fracking  anywhere in Northern Ireland’, Gemma concluded.

Europe Union and the crisis in capitalism.


European Union: lessons from Greece

A Workers Party meeting to discuss a principled left exit  (LEXIT) from the European Union  has heard that not only is it un-reformable  but that it is impossible to ignore the class character of the EU and its institutions.

‘The EU serves the interests of big business, multinational corporations and the financial institutions,’ Party International Secretary Gerry Grainger told the meeting.

‘The policies of the EU have made the rich richer and the poor poorer’, he said.

Guest speaker at the meeting was Elisseos Vagenas a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece, (KKE) who reported on the  lessons learnt in Greece from the Europe Union and the crisis in capitalism.

Read Elisseos’s speech in full: The European Union and the crisis of capitalism



LEXIT Debate: the lessons from Greece


The Workers Party is calling for a class based response to the European Union debate and is in favour of a  Leave Vote as part of a principled, socialist LEXIT strategy.

As part of the LEXIT debate the Party is holding a public  meeting   on

Tuesday 14th June at 7pm

in the Clayton Hotel.

Ormeau Avenue. Belfast

(opposite the BBC)

The guest speaker will be Elisseos Vagenas a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece, who will reflect on  the lessons learnt in Greece from the Europe Union and the crisis in capitalism.

Elisseos will be be part of a delegation from the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) which will have a number of meetings with the Party during their three day stay.

wp kke




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