Conference Report

Eoin McCrea - Board of Governors Hazelwood Integrated College - address the conference during the debate on education

Eoin McCrea – Board of Governors, Hazelwood Integrated College – address the conference during the debate on education


In one of the Party’s most successful conferences in recent years members discussed a full range of issues from Devolution and Votes at 16 to Water Charges, Health and Social Care, Education and the Economy

 Class nature of society

In a style and manner absent in other parties conferences, the debate focused on the class nature of society and the implications that has for every aspect of our lives: social, economic, cultural and political.

Repeatedly that analysis was applied to the problems in the health service, the rise of racism, our divided and divisive education system, women in society, the environment,the economy and the  austerity agenda offered as the solution to our economic problems – while the rich get richer and welfare budgets, public services and working people bear the brunt of a full on class based assault.

Read some of the debate at The Conference in Quotes

Copies of some of the main working papers presented at the conference are available through the following links:

Health & Social Care   The NI Economy   Environment & Rural Development

Sectarianism   Devolution in Northern Ireland

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    […] a more comprehensive coverage of the conference visit our Northern Ireland regional website where you can also download the main papers from the various […]

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