McElduff’s callous disregard for victims families


McElduff: letting the Sinn Fein mask slip?

‘Sinn Fein must sack its West Tyrone MP, Barry McElduff and publicly apologise for his grossly offensive and insensitive behaviour’, the Workers Party has said.

‘There can be no excuse for Mr McElduff’s behaviour and his post on social media’, the party said .

‘To do what he has done on the anniversary of the Kingsmill Massacre does not so much show an error of judgement but more a callous and derogatory disregard for the families of those who were murdered and wounded in that blatantly sectarian attack  forty two years ago this week’.

‘The Sinn Fein leadership must demonstrate its abhorrence of his actions by sacking Mr McElduff with immediate effect’, the party statement said

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  • john harper  On January 7, 2018 at 8:28 PM

    he may have bread on his head,but he should learn to use his loaf,it was a callous gesture

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