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‘Standing Against Austerity’

Manifesto Launch

Standing Against Austerity: The Workers Party launches its manifesto at                    Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

The Workers Party has launched its Assembly Election manifesto at Parliament Buildings Stormont.

The Party’s four candidates. Conor Campbell (Belfast West) Lily Kerr (Belfast South), Hugh Scullion (Mid Ulster) and Gemma Weir ( Belfast North) were joined by party supporters as they spelt out the Party’s opposition to austerity and presented the socialist alternative in  the ‘Standing Against Austerity’ document.

The manifesto highlights the Stormont austerity agenda as the main political issue in this campaign and criticises the refusal and the failure of the last Executive to implement outstanding areas of the Good Friday Agreement and table legislation to bring Northern Ireland into the 21st century.

The Party is challengimg the new Assembly to introduce 10 key pieces of legislation in its first one hundred days to signal its intent to build a modern vibrant and inclusive Northern Ireland. Included in the 100 day challenge are demands for a Bill of Rights, integrated, secular education, a woman’s right to choose, civil marriage equality and an end to fracking.

See the manifesto in full: Workers Party Assembly Manifesto 2016

BBC Website coverage:

UTV website coverage:



How the media is reporting the manifesto launch

Standing Against Austerity

Standing Against Austerity

Television coverage

BBC and UTV have been the first media to report the launch of the Party’s Westminster  Election manifesto – ‘Standing Against Austerity’

The print media are expected to cover the manifesto on Friday

BBC website coverage:

UTV Live – report and interview with Lily Kerr ( Belfast South) – starts at 15.30

Party’s Election Broadcast

Standing Against Austerity

Standing Against Austerity

‘Standing Against Austerity – there is an alternative’

If you missed he Party’s Election Broadcast – or you just want to see it again! – the following link will take you to the BBC iPlayer.

Copy this to friends at home and abroad who may not have had a chance  to  view it.


BBC Website: Party says ‘tackle sectarianism’

Read the BBC report on the launch of the Party’s manifesto

Assembly Manifesto launched

A New Politics for Northern Ireland

The Party has launched its Assembly Election manifesto.

The manifesto calls for a ‘new politics for Northern Ireland’ to challenge the current stale and sectarian system.


 It’s time for a principled left alternative at Stormont that is neither catholic nor protestant, nationalist nor unionist. With the Workers Party we can build that new political space.

To read the full manifesto click on the link below

WP Manifesto A New Politics

or for a summary version click here

WP Manifesto Summary

Workers Party Manifesto

The Workers Party manifesto for the Assembly and Local Governnment elections will be launched next week.

The Party will be focusing on 5 key areas:

1. A new politics for Northern Ireland
2. The Economy
3. Fighting the Stormont Cuts
4. Opposing Sectarianism, and
5. The Environment

The document will be published in full on this page

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