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The work of politically bankrupt gangsters

Lyra McKee: there can be no justification

Last night’s murder of 29 year old Lyra McKee was the tragic, but inevitable, outcome of recent violent activity and the ongoing attacks on the community by groups of politically bankrupt gangsters

There can be no justification for Ms. McKee’s murder, but doubtless there are those who will seek to explain it away in the coming days. Those who carried out this attack, and those who support them, have no contribution to make , bring no value and until they desist, have no place in this society.

We need to be very clear about the violent intent of these people and dismiss notions of the ‘lone gunman’: there is no such thing. People who bring weapons onto the streets have often a very sophisticated, support network of people who store their guns, transport them, provide them with cover and offer practical and moral support. Those people are as morally culpable for Lyra McKee’s murder as the person who pulled the trigger.

There is little point in appealing directly to those who carried out this murder – they are too self absorbed and self justifying to be even remotely interested . However, the community in which they skulk and hide can play a telling and crucial role. By ostracising these gangsters and their supporters they can be left without the cover they need to continue with their senseless and savage campaign of terror against the community.

We offer our deepest sympathy to Lyra’s family friends, and colleagues and call on anyone with any information about this murder to contact the PSNI and support them in their investigations

Nationalist ‘group hug’ dangerous and divisive

“…a Bill of Rights remains a fundamental part of the strategy to establish and guarantee the relationship between citizens and the state”

If further evidence were needed of how narrow, politically bankrupt and dangerous nationalism is, then it could be found at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast on Saturday. To that criticism can also be added exclusionist.

The ‘Beyond Brexit’ conference organised by ‘civic nationalism’ and addressed by, amongst others, Sinn Fein president Mary Lou McDonald, senior members of Fianna Fail and their new political ally the SDLP’s Colum Eastwood, was designed not to progress the debate but to polarise it.

This is not a group of people, or a political philosophy, concerned with the material conditions of ordinary people.

It represents instead, self-interested and self-serving social groups jockeying for position in a race whose outcome is yet to be confirmed using the cover of ‘rights’ to masquerade their narrow and selfish intentions.

Nationalism, Irish and British, never blames itself, never questions its actions nor reflects on its own behaviour. In the world of nationalists and nationalism someone else is always at fault.

As ‘civic nationalists’ most of them looking cautiously over their shoulders at each other, gathered in Belfast this weekend they were seeking to shift political attention away from their own failings, secure their own future positions and send a clear, unambiguous and unapologetic message to anyone who is not an Irish  nationalist that a shared future does not include them.

Nationalism is not only a backward political philosophy: it is a toxic one. It seeks to divide and exploit difference. It blames others and otherness. It is a political cancer that deliberately subverts progressive politics and invariably is home to the worst examples of native gombeen men and women.

How long will it be before ‘civic unionism’ responds with its own gathering and demands for ‘unionist rights’?

Democratic secular society

The Workers Party version of a democratic secular society in Northern Ireland is based on the rights of citizens as citizens not on their allegiance to any religious or nationalist bloc.

It is for that reason that the demand for a Bill of Rights remains a fundamental part of the strategy to establish and guarantee the relationship between citizens and the state, guaranteeing the civil liberties of all citizens, regardless of communal background.

The demand for equality and democratic rights is not the property or the preserve of any bloc. Its ownership should rest firmly with citizens as citizens. Only on that basis will progress be made and citizenship flourish.


The pressing  priority for Northern Ireland is not a nationalist group hug but the immediate restoration of the Assembly and the Executive to progress that agenda. But that, of course, would mean no hiding place for the failed and failing politics of nationalism.

Border Poll a sectarian head count

Calls for a border poll have been labelled ‘divisive, sectarian and unnecessary’

‘No matter how they try to dress it up or explain it away, the clamour by nationalists to hold a border poll is nothing less than an attempt to secure a deliberately divisive sectarian head count’, the Workers Party has said.

We have had no government in Northern Ireland for two years. Public services are grinding to a stand still, schools and hospitals have no budgets, major building projects can’t go ahead, child poverty, fuel poverty, a mental health crisis and the impact of welfare ‘reform’ are crippling an entire generation.

As always nationalism’s response is a ‘wrap the green flag round me’ border poll.

The political priority in Northern Ireland is the restoration of the Assembly, Executive and a working government to address the real problems that face people in their daily lives.

Supporters know the score

Time to end this culture of disrespect and contempt – Gemma Weir

North Belfast Reds Cliftonville Supporters Club‘ has been praised by Workers Party representative Gemma Weir for  its response to the conviction of Jay Donnelly on charges of  distributing an indecent image of a child.

“The supporters club as got it absolutely right”, Gemma said. ” This case revolves around a 16 year old girl and what the judge described as ‘a gross invasion of privacy’. This young girl is a victim  and that needs to be recognised without equivocation”

“The statement made by the Reds Supporters Club correctly addresses the core issues  relating to the offence which has been committed and is in stark contrast to the comments made by the Board of Cliftonville FC which fails to even mention the young girl and the ordeal which she has been subjected to by one of its players”.

” It is as regrettable as it is unbelievable that some people need to be educated about how to treat other human beings with respect: but that appears to be the case. 

“Congratulations to the Cliftonville Supporters Club for tackling this issue head on and for telling it like it is. Hopefully their stance will help to change this culture of disrespect and contempt, particularly for girls and young women”, said Gemma

Universal Credit -‘broken and unworkable’

Universal Credit is a broken system and it is unworkable.

Addressing a UNITE trade union rally marking a day of action against the Universal Credit benefits system,  Workers Party representative Joanne Lowry has said that the new system is consciously cruel, is unworkable and has to go

“”We have heard the stories and witnessed at first hand the assessments which leave vulnerable people with little or no benefit entitlement and which compound the problems they already have”, Joanne said

“At a personal and individual level the stories are as unbelievable as they are heart-breaking.  But we must not allow that to blind us to the bigger picture”, she warned

Universal Credit is a broken system and it is unworkable. But more than that, it is ‘conscious cruelty’

Punishment                                                                                                                  “It has been designed deliberately to make life even harder for the most vulnerable in our society. It targets those most in need and it punishes them for seeking benefits”, she said.

“We never see a system which pursues tax dodgers with the same level of intensity. We never see a system designed to flush out and penalise corporate greed and corrupt financial practices”,  stated Joanne

“And the reason why the most vulnerable are always, always  the ones to pay the price, is because the entire social and economic system is designed to deliver that very outcome”, she said

For those people who have to undergo medical assessments before receiving benefits the reality can be even grimmer.

Targeting the most vulnerable                                                                          “Demeaning and humiliating interviews resulting in hurtful and insulting outcomes confirm that Universal Credit is ‘conscious cruelty. The most  vulnerable in our society yet again bear the brunt of the social policies of right wing governments”

“But let us be clear” Joanne said, ” this need not be the case. Sinn Fein and the DUP kicked welfare reform decisions into touch. They surrendered the fate of thousands of vulnerable local people to the Tory Party and the Westminster government”,

They could have intervened, they should have intervened … but they did not! Today they will tell us that there was nothing that they could have done. Ironically that’s exactly what they did – nothing!

We haven’t had an Assembly here for almost two years. That is the priority and the concern that these parties place  on people in need of help and support.

Our message from this rally today should be clear and unambiguous. Universal Credit is broken and unworkable – it has to go!

Child poverty and deprivation an indictment of DUP and Sinn Fein

Joanne Lowry and Chris Bailie: ‘ thousands of local children and their families continue to suffer a hardship and deprivation that will haunt them for the rest of their lives‘.

Following the recent  report by the United Nations into austerity measures across the UK, two Workers Party representatives have drawn attention to  the appalling levels of  child poverty and social deprivation in North and West Belfast.

“These two areas have some of the highest levels of child poverty in Northern Ireland”, Joanne Lowry and Chris Bailie have said

“Almost 20,000 local children live in homes haunted by poverty.  That means families with increasing debts, choices between ‘heat or eat ’, teenagers with a limited or non-existent social life and an increased risk of chronic illness. Children living in poverty also consistently under-perform at school and find it harder to get a job when they leave”, they said

Highest levels                                                                                                          The highest levels of poverty are to be found in the Collin Glen and Falls areas in West Belfast and Ardyone, New Lodge and Cliftonville in North Belfast

Research by Save the Children has shown that around 20% of parents in poverty say their children have to go without new shoes when they need them and a large number of children in poverty say they are missing out on things that many other children take for granted, such as going on school trips and having a warm coat in winter.

“The introduction of Universal Credit, cuts to health and education budgets, pressures on community, voluntary and youth services all compound the problems already affecting thousands of  local families – many of them with a least one partner working”, Chris and Joanne said

“It is unforgivable that while in Government Sinn Fein and the DUP refused to implement the promised Anti-Poverty Strategy and sent powers relating to Universal Credit  to Westminster. As a result thousands of local children and their families continue to suffer a hardship and deprivation that will haunt them for the rest of their lives”.

“If there is a more important political priority than addressing child poverty, then perhaps some local MLAs would like to tell us about it”, the duo concluded.

Council should be supporting health and social care workers

NIPSA protest

Party members supporting the NHS at today’s protest at the Belfast City Hall

Workers Party representative in South Belfast Patrick Lynn has called on Belfast City Council’s Planning Committee to reject a planning application for a Private Health Village at the Kings Hall complex on the Lisburn Road.

“This is a straight forward argument “, he said,  “health services are not safe in private hands”

“Our city should not be facilitating and supporting private healthcare providers at a time when the NHS is underfunded and overstretched. Developments like these will only place additional pressure on our local hospitals and their staff”, Patrick added

“I fully support the call by the trade union movement to have this application rejected. Belfast should be rallying behind the work of our local health and care staff not helping to undermine it.

“Belfast City Council should be showing its support for local healthcare workers as they battle to secure the Agenda For Change terms and conditions which have been agreed in England, Scotland and Wales but not in Northern Ireland”, Patrick concluded

‘Shared’ is not Integrated

shared educationLast week was ‘Shared Education Week’. “Ironically”,  says Gemma Weir,”its theme was Sharing the Present – Shaping the Future’. 

The Good Friday Agreement placed a statutory obligation on the Executive and the Assembly to facilitate the development of integrated education. They have not only singularly failed to honour that requirement, they have collectively connived to avoid it.

I accept than many pupils, teachers and parents see some merit in shared education, but shared education is not integrated education. That is no accident.

Divided and segregated society                                                                         The political power bases which have been secured and developed since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement depend absolutely on a divided and segregated society. That is the basis of both the DUP’s and Sinn Fein’s joint electoral and political strategy.

Gemma 2aa

Gemma Weir

The deliberate and scurrilous replacement of integrated education with the myth of shared education is a social, political and educational scandal. It goes way beyond the collective and premeditated decision of the DUP and Sinn Fein to ignore their legislative requirement to promote integrated education. It demonstrates, if further proof were needed, that both these parties have taken a decision between themselves to carve up Northern Ireland into two sectarian camps and feed off the fear, mistrust and ignorance that it generates.

Reinforces division                                                           The truth is that it’s not even shared education: it is temporary and limited contact more often than not an add-on rather than an integral part of learning and teaching. All the while it serves to reinforce the divisive concept of ‘separate but equal’

Given the efforts of Sinn Fein and the DUP over twenty years it is not surprising that integrated education remains undeveloped. While the number of pupils attending integrated schools inches up year on year, the increases amount to less than half of one per cent of the total school population. Based on that level of progress it could take up to five hundred years to achieve a fully integrated system.

Meanwhile the foundations of the self-serving sectarian politics of Sinn Fein and the DUP remain secure.

The idea of ‘shared’ education shaping the future looks anything but hopeful.

Drugs: ‘playing catch up is not enough’


Chris Bailie (left) speaking to NVTV about the drugs problem in North Belfast

Speaking after recording an interview with local TV channel NVTV Chris Bailie of the Workers Party said that drugs are ruining lives and ruining communities.

“The drug problem always seems to be several steps ahead of the attempts to address it. Playing catch up is not enough and the gap between the problem and the responses seems to be getting bigger”

Long term investment                                                                                               “Drug and substance abuse are caused by many factors and we can’t just ignore the need for long term investment in areas like North Belfast to help turn that around. Factors like social deprivation are more than a set of statistics – they have  real consequences for real people, and ‘escaping’ into a world of drugs is just one of them”.

“I fully support those who recognise that many young people trapped in a cycle of addiction  need help and that they need it urgently. We need a number of local initiatives to reach out to them and provide the support, guidance and help that so many of them desperately want. We need a much wider awareness of the extent of the problems caused by drug abuse – not just to the individuals involved but to their families and to the community.”.

RAPID scheme                                                                                                           The RAPID scheme (Remove All Prescription and Illegal Drugs) which provides a way of safely disposing of illegal and prescription drugs locally has been in existence for a number of years and is a positive scheme which I have no doubt has saved lives . Family and friends need to feel confident and supported in  taking drugs off the streets. That  is the right thing to do. “, Chris said

“The answers longer term lie in turning north Belfast around into a vibrant community with employment prospects, leisure opportunities and hope and prospects for young people. When we next hear about or witness the results of drug abuse we need to ask ourselves why our local politicians have not delivered the type of society where optimism has replaced despair.”, Chris concluded


The Drugs&Alcohol Coordination Team can provide information and guidance around drug and alcohol related issues and link people or organisations to sources of help and support


Clinton award “deeply offensive”

clinton pic.jpg

Hillary Clinton has a long history of supporting US aggression across the globe 

“Serious questions must be asked about the decision by Queens University to award an honorary degree to Hillary Clinton”, the Workers Party has said

“Students, lecturers  and university staff have every right to call  University President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Greer and the Senate to account for this deeply offensive and sycophantic gesture”

The citation quotes  “exceptional public service in the USA and globally”as justification for her honorary degree. It is hard to believe that the  people of Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Cuba, Venezuela, Libya and Serbia share that assessment”, the statement said

“It is shameful that an educational institution like Queen’s University seeks to associate itself with a US politician like Hilary Clinton: a hawkish reactionary and free-marketeer”,

“At a time of great poverty and inequality Clinton unflinchingly champions market economics and has a long history of support for aggressive interventions across the globe and for the expansion of NATO and its war machine,“ the Party statement concluded.

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